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Well Tempered Lab Reference incl. Reference tone arm and ZYX Universe S cartridge

One of the best turntables money can buy. It is in great condition, except for some small superficial scratches on top of the plinth. The arm, motor and cartridge are in great condition. Take it for a spin and you are sold.

The price is for the turntable, arm and cartridge, which makes a very nice combination.

website manufacturer: http://www.welltemperedlab.net


Weight:      40 Kg
MSRP:         16000 euro
Highender price 5250,00 Euro

Brinkmann Balance 25th Anniversary edition - DEMO

Very special turntable from German precision manufacturer Brinkmann. Considered by a lot of reviewers one of the best, a true reference. Manufacturer in a limited number, 25. This machine is number 007. Very rare on the market!

It is in mint condition, complete with all the original parts and accesories, 12.1 arm, EMT cartridge.

website manufacturer: http://www.binkmann-audio.de


Weight:      50 Kg
MSRP:         35000
Highender price 25999 Euro