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Tannoy Eaton - NEW

We have a new pair of Tannoy Eaton Legacy available at a reduced price.

website manufacturer: http://www.Tannoy.com


Frequency range 40Hz-20KHz
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sensitivity 89dB
Recommended power 20-200 Watt
Dimensions 538x376x250 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      20 Kg
MSRP:         5400,-
Highender price 3800,- Euro

Sonus Faber Amati Homage

Classic speaker from Sonus Faber. Here is where the journey with the bigger models began. Both are in great condition and complete with the grilles (which need some TLC) and the accessories (boxed). Unfortunately we do not have the shipping cartons, but we can arrange safe transport.

Serialnumber: 549
Fecit: 2000

website manufacturer: http://www.sonusfaber.com


Weight:      70 Kg
MSRP:         16500,-
Highender price 6450,- Euro

Conquistar - exdemo pair

We have acquired this pair of loudspeaker from an official dealer from Conquistar. This pair was used as a demo pair in a highend audio shop. Both speakers are in great condition and come with the original shipping crates.

The design is centred around a magnificent dipole ribbon tweeter, which gives you the feeling of a very spacious sound. Complemented by two relatively small hightech woofers for each speaker. Total sound is very natural and detailed.

website manufacturer: http://tingshaaudio.com


see the website of Tingsha Audio for more information.

Weight:      34
MSRP:         15500,-
Highender price 6250,- Euro

Audio Physic Yara

Compact floor stander from German Audio Physic.

Both loudspeakers are in good condition, no boxes available, so a pick up is preferred.

website manufacturer: http://www.audiophysic.com


Impedance 4Ohm
Frequency range 40Hz - 25KHz
Sensitivity 90 dB

Highender price 650,- Euro

Phonar Veritas 3.5

Trade in. Both loudspeakers are in good condition. One has a small mark on the topside, which is nearly visible. No boxes, so pick up preferred.

website manufacturer: http://www.phonar.de


Frequency range 36Hz - 27KHz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Sensitivity 89 dB
Dimensions 900 x 160 x 295 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      19 Kg
MSRP:         2200,-
Highender price sold Euro

Etude Hera

Trade in. Both loudspeakers are in good condition, recently been serviced.

website manufacturer:


Highender price sold Euro

Heil Aulos AMT - exdemo

Both loudspeakers are in great condition and complete with the original boxes and a set of stands. Give them some power and they will sound beautifully.

website manufacturer:


Sensitivity 91 dB
Frequency range 28Hz - 23KHz
Recommended power 50-200 Watts
Dimensions 392 x 205 x 275 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      9,9Kg each
MSRP:         2400 ex stands
Highender price 1400 Euro

MB Quart 3200S - vintage highend

From the first owners legacy. They are in mint condition and have been very well taken care off. If you have the room for these, they will sing.

website manufacturer: https://mbquart.com


Dimensions 150 x 40 x 45 (HxWxD)(cm)
System 4-way sealed box

Weight:      58 Kg each
MSRP:         10000
Highender price sold Euro

Tannoy Canterbury GR - new

We have acquired this pair due to a trade with another dealer. This pair is new and unused, still sealed in it’s boxes.

They will be sold with full warranty.

Partial trades propositions are welcome.

website manufacturer: http://www.tannoy.com


Power Peak <600 Watt peak
Power continues 140 Watt
Sensitivity 96 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency range 28Hz - 22KHz
Dimensions 1100 x 680 x 480 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      68 kg each
MSRP:         27500
Highender price 15500 (pricedrop) Euro

Focal Stella Utopia EM - new old stock

We have a new pair of Stella Utopia EM loudspeakers form Focal for sale. They may go to free some space for the evolution line.

Finish is Imperial Red.

Still one the greatest speaker designs out there.

website manufacturer: http://www.focal.com


Power Handling 50 - 1000 Watts
Sensitivity 94 dB
Frequency range 22Kz - 40KHz
Impedance 8 Ohm
Size 1558 x 553 x 830 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      165 Kg
MSRP:         €85.000,-
Highender price 65.000 Euro

MSD (Metal Sound Design) Planet loudspeakers

Rare chance to buy a pair of loudspeakers like this. Metal Sound Design is a Korean company designing one of the finest loudspeakers on the planet. They use Accuton drivers and Mundorf crossovers and cabling. This particular model has been designed and tuned together with Accuton and Mundorf to get the most out of their components. The result is amazing.

The midrange and tweeter can be adjusted according to your preferences. The cabinets are partially made from Duralumin, an alloy from aluminum, copper, magnesium and manganese. This alloy is also popular in the airplane industry due to its great characteristics.

The loudspeakers have recently been updated with new black diamond tweeters from Accuton and new silver internal cabling from Mundorf wit a value of €5000,-.

If you are looking for something special and unique, which also has a killer sound, this might be it.

Both loudspeakers are in perfect condition and complete with the shipping crates.

website manufacturer: http://www.metalsounddesign.com


Frequency range 20Hz - 30KHz
Impedance 6 Ohm
Sensitivity 88 dB
Power 50 - 500 Watts
Dimensions 503 x 1382 x 640 (WxHxD)(mm)

Weight:      308 Kg (pair)
MSRP:         75.000,-
Highender price 46000,- Euro

Daniel Hertz M10

On permanent display, Daniel Hertz baby new monitor. Pair these pair of monitors to the new Daniel Hertz M9 integrated amplifier and a macbook with Daniel Hertz Master Class player and you will enjoy a life of non-fatigue listening of pcm. Read more about the brilliant Master Class player on this website, or ask us for more information. A must-have for those who want to enjoy their digital music library again.

website manufacturer: http://www.danielhertz.com


Frequency range 40Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 89dB ,8 Ohm
Power handling 150 Watt
System 2-way bass reflex
Size 340x245x288 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      10,0 Kg
MSRP:         € 3000,00
Highender price € 3000,00 Euro

Daniel Hertz M8

Big monitor from Swiss Daniel Hertz (Mark Levinson). Competition, eat your heart out. Such a performance you would not expect from a speaker this size for this price.

On permanent display, make an appointment to be amazed.

Our demopair can be sold for the price below.

website manufacturer: http://www.danielhertz.com


Power Max 150 Watt
Recommended power> 20 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sensitivity 89 dB
Frequency range 35Hz – 20KHz
System 2-way bass reflex
Terminals single wire
Finish piano black
Size 490 x 250 x 325 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      19 Kg
MSRP:         € 5000,00
Highender price € 5000,- Euro

ALR/Jordan Note 7 - Occasion

Trade in. This set is in mint condition and complete with all the original accessories and boxes. They are from the first owner.

website manufacturer: http://www.alr-jordan.com


Sensitivity 92 dB
Impedance 6 Ohm
Frequency range 35Hz - 30KHz
Power 140 Watt
Size 1070 x 245 x 315 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      29,4 Kg
MSRP:         5500 euro
Highender price 2500 Euro

Tannoy Revolution Signature surround set - Occasion

We have this surround set for sale for one of our clients. It concludes the following speakers:

  • Pair of Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6T front speakers
  • Pair of Tannoy Revolution Signature DC4T rear speakers
  • Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6 LCR centre speaker

We als have a REL Storm 3 subwoofer and Marantz SR8001 receiver to complement a fullrange 5.1 surround set. Ask us for the setprice!

website manufacturer: http://www.tannoy.com


MSRP:         3000
Highender price 1650 Euro

Focal Scala Utopia - NEW

This is a fabulous pair of speakers, which also perform fantasticly. The name says it all, utopia, but this speaker comes very close in reaching that “utopia”. Available in red, black and white finish.

website manufacturer: http://www.focal.com


Frequency range 28 Hz - 40 KHz
Sensitivity 92 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm
Minimum impedance 3.1 Ohm
Recommended power 40 - 500 Watt
Dimensions 1247-393-670 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      85 Kg
MSRP:         21000
Highender price Call Euro

Focal Grande Utopia EM - NEW

The top of Focal.

website manufacturer: http://www.focal.com


Frequency range 18 Hz - 40 KHz
Sensitivity 94 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm
Min. impedance 3 Ohm
Recommended power 50 - 1500 Watts
Measurements 2012 x 654 x 880 (HxWxD)(mm)

Weight:      260 Kg
MSRP:         130000
Highender price Call Euro