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Esoteric UX-1 sa(cd)/dvd-player

This player plays all your sacd’s, cd’s and dvd’s. It is in great condition. 7 years old now, but still very good.

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MSRP:         16000
Highender price 4750 Euro

Luxman DA-200 - New

Luxman’s DA-200 is the big brother of the DA-100. It s a complete different machine, not just a blown up version of the da-100. It comes with a build in volume control, so you can use it without a pre amp and connect it directly to your power amplifier(s).



Not known yet.

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MSRP:         2900
Highender price Euro

Luxan DA100 - New

The Luxman DA-100 da-converter is Luxman latest model. This dac is, considering it’s pricetag,  a steal!

  • A5-format
  • 2-channel PCM D/A converter
  • Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC
  • Switch beween FIR and IIR modus
  • 32kHz~192kHz16 bit, 20 bit, 24bit digital input (max 96kHz/24bit for USB input)
  • D/D converter function
  • Headhone amplifier
  • Low phase noise clock module to reduce the noise level of any digital signal
  • High-accuracy built-in DAIR crystal for the digital input to minimize the jitter of asynchronous processing.
  • Indicates frequency features via high visibility 3 digit 7segament LED display


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Outputs analogue 1 pair rca
Outputs digital 1xtoslink, 1xs/pdif
Inputs digital 1xusb, 1xtoslink, 1xs/pdif
Size 149 x 70 x 232 (mm)

Weight:      2,4 Kg
MSRP:         800 euro
Highender price Euro