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About highender

Highender Audio is the result of an interest in the creation of a musical experience in your own privat home or setting. To be able to gain experience I started a company in selling this kind of equipment. This way I received a lot of experience in all kinds of Highend audio equipment. To be able to set up a superb hifi system you can not only rely on good specs, but you will also need to synergize the items together into a magical set-up. This is key. Because of this Highender Audio has a large network and we often get items from customers (business and consumer) to sell again.

Brief history

I don’t know why, but some people are fools for highend audio, maybe it has something to do with their experiences as a child. At least I know that when I was 12 years old I saw a pair of B&W matrix 801 in a shop. That sight was so overwhelming that I made a promise to myself, when I am over 20 I want to have a pair like that! And luckily I was able to fullfill that promise too!

Keywords of my interest are: vintage, rare, unique, quality, authenticity, highend, Ultimate

Feel free to browse around and if you find something interesting for yourself on the for sale page, feel free to contact me about that item. I have lot’s of experience in finding highend audio equipment for friends as well, so feel free to contact me, if you want something which is not on my page. I will find it for you, just like I did with my first matrix 801!

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